Water (fluid) simulations?

Hello guys.

I have been working on water simulations with fluids, but I have one problem that I don’t understand.

I have setup everything for the simulation (domain, inflow) and when I press to bake simulation it goes very fast and at the end I get nothing. Simulation is nowhere to be seen. It seems like it didn’t do anything at all. I used Blender 2.57b.

Also I have one more question? Is there a way to create few small simulations in one file (with append function), since I must use only one domain object? So I can do few little small project and after that I combined them all in one file.

Here is the file for the first problem, so you can see what I mean.

http://www.just3d.sdcafe.rs/Blender/water sim.rar

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

you have no inflow inside the domain that I could find.

Inflow is in the pipe that coming from the first house on the left (it is a box).

I forgot to mentioned in upper post, if anyone have a solution for using particles instead of fluids, that also can be helpful for me.

think you need to replace obstacles with fluid obstacles. Couldn’t still find inflow to test. Also there is Particle fluids, but don’t think it would work for what u want.

Yes I try that but it happens the same thing. When I setup an easy solution with boxes and things everything goes ok, but when the scenes goes complicated then fluids get messed up. Nothing seems to work the way it does on easy testing. Does anybody try to simulate water with particles, and use a fluid function with it? So far I didn’t find any descent solution :frowning:

@sturat: I don’t know what’s the problem with inflow object. I opened that file that I have posted here, and it’s there.

Hello Milan,

I downloaded your file and the inflows are there.
At first I couldn’t see them, too. The problem is they are very small and even in wireframe mode they can hardly be seem. I just found them when I went through the outliner and selected each part to see which objects have some fluid assignments.

I am not very good with fluids, but here is something I would try:
Because your domain is quite big and your pipes are compared to this very small, maybe if you increase the fluid resolution (in the domain object) this might help. But the baking time will unfortunately increase.
I increased the Final resolution to 150, and the some fluid appeared. But still very less. I think the problem is that the inflows are compared to the domain too small…
Maybe you could make the all the pipes one object and set this as your fluid domain, so you don’t need to have this huge domain-world…

Well just give it a try I hope it helps…

Greetings Dechgo

Thanks Dechgo I should try it.