Water in a fountain

ok. Im making a sort of fountain. It could either be in a room or inside but right now it is just the fountain. Its somehwat complex and what i need help with is making the water and animating it.

It would need to just run. You can see how it works. There are three spouts to the main fountain, on the wall, and one main drain (i could put in more, id like to make it realistic). Now there is the other top foundain with the spout that is actualy like a fountain spout at the top. Then the water collects in that basin till it overflows the edge of the track. Then if falls like a waterfall into the main fountain. There is also a small sort of spout in the top fountain.

Please, how should i go about doing this.


This Gameblender file contains a park with an animated water fountain made by Doc Holiday. I guess it will help you.