Water in a Pitcher?

Hey everyone!

I have a quick question. I made a glass pitcher, and now I want to put a fluid inside of it. I will tell you how I did it, and then I will ask the question:

  1. I placed a Domain around the objects
  2. I placed a Sphere inside of the pitcher and put it as the Fluid (Shell)
  3. I changed the Pitcher to an Obsticle (Shell)
  4. I then bake.

The thing is, the sphere intercepts with the fluid, ruining the shape of the water. If I delete the sphere, it won’t bake, but if I take the spehere out of the pitcher, the fluid will go everywhere. So, what do I do? If my question or wording is really confusing, just say so and I will explain more!


P.S.: I am using 2.49

You need the fluid and domain objects together to make a fluid simulation. After you have baked, just put the fluid object (sphere) on another layer so you don’t see it when you render.