water in my boat

Hi all,

I have a boat on a river

I’ve made it behave what I wanted with python, this is ok

but the water mesh (a subdivided plane) goes through the boat mesh
So, when i look from above i see the water and not the bottom of the boat!
Of course if the camera goes under the level of the water I see the bottom of the boat.

Any idea?
what’s more I plan to use a script that creates waves (with vertex movement) (found on this forum). would it be a problem?
well, if a solution only works for flat water, i still take it!

Thanks for help.

Put a flat floor in the boat above the water line is the only thing i can think off.

Have you tried increasing the “size” option in the actor menu? If that doesn’t work, maybe you could post a shot to give people more of an idea what could be wrong

Yeah i should have posted a photo first, well here is my problem:

How to avoid this water in the boat (yes what you see is meant to be a boat :stuck_out_tongue: , will design it better later…)?
The boat goes slightly up and down that why sometimes there is water in somtimes not (the two screenshot)
yes I could put a floor but this not what i want:

I’m thinking of making a hole (in the water mesh) that would follow the boat.
If you have a solution tell me.

Have you tried increasing the “size” option in the actor menu? It’s probably a prob with the collision detection

there isn’t a way to do that though, you’ll have to redesign your boat

in real life boats dont lay that close to the water.

make it higher on the waves, with a lower body under the floor.



You could just extrude the bottom piece, so it would still look like it was in the water, and you wouldn’t see the water going through the boat.