Water interaction in blender 2.48 ge

I remember reading about the water interaction in the bge for 2.48.
Has anybody got any idea of any tutorials that exist for this or has anyone got around to trying it out themselves, if so please do give out any info possible, based on this.

This feature is something I’ve been waiting for for a while.


Your thinking of fluid control. And no it is not realtime. Pseudonym used a script for the water surface.

i need a tutorial for the fluid control, anyone no of any or made one of their own?


do you mean wave plug-in?

This is a close idea of what I meant but, is there more realistic interaction such as splashes as the object enters or ripples or creases beng created as movement is made inside it.


splashes should be created using some kind of particle system. Ripples or creases created by moving object are possible, but there must be considered density of the waving mesh (small creases require very dense mesh).

Look at the game WILL, I have developed wave plug-in specifically for it.

These look cool, thanks.

Please give out tips if possible on the texturing of the water.
Is that water texture an image bump mapped with a script?

While I’m here where’s a good place to get ready made car game textures to wrap on a whole model, simply.
I would like somewhere where u can find various car models particularly the bmw z4 and aston martin.

Please help.

how do you make water for beaches and stream without having to put armatures?