Water is too blocky

The liquid is too pixelted like…blocky…how do i make this more…water like…

is it resolution

have you smoothed the material your using as the fluid? presume your talking fluid sim here

ya smoothing…try subsurfing…

i did…buit just falls down in big blocks

A couple things…

  1. Work on your english.
    If you cannot at least use the common sentence structure when you type posts, please go find a spell checker or another forum that speaks your native language. People cannot help you if you can’t communicate fluently in english. Heck, some spelling errors are ok, if they can still find the meaning in the post.

  2. Detail = good, random words without detail = bad
    Your first post…

The liquid is too pixelted like…blocky…how do i make this more…water like…

is it resolution

Tells a whole lot of nothing. You fail to give any detail in your posts, forcing us to guess about what you are talking about. Both you and us won’t get anything out of this becuase you can’t communicate. You posted no screenshots, you didn’t really even ask a question. “is it resolution” may or may not be considered a question as I still am not sure about what you want.

i did…buit just falls down in big blocks

How does it fall down in big blocks? If you smoothed it out, it shouldn’t come out in big blocks. So since you posted no screens nor really gave us any details, I can assume that,
If you do speak english natively: You REALLY need to go back to school and learn about spelling and sentences. “i thnk warte is blocky… need more water like!” Won’t help you later in life.
If you do not speak english natively: In all seriousness, no offense to you, but you should try to find a forum in your language. You won’t be able to get much help here if you can’t communicate.

Now for the help… try to do subsurf and then click on a button called make smooth.
I would post a screen but since no screen for me, no screen for you!

Ok then…

No , what i mean is , when i click bake it falls into the cup like cubes. it does do the simulation , but it falls likes 50 cubes that have been subsurfed

( And i dont like typing at 11pm-12am wehn im really tired, I just rush everything )

I think you are dislexic like I am and use your right brain more easily than your left like I do. But could you post a picture to help them help you?

I am a noob so I cant help, but was anxious to hear the answer. Smile.

Spiffyandy, sometimes I have a hard time trying to figure out how to even ask the question and type things oddly too. I have a keyboard with sticky keys and I type faster than the keys can handle it.

I used to just post without reading it, and would be shocked when I saw what I posted.

The people who help me just say they dont understand my question and need a picture or more information.

So now I try to add everything I can think of in my first post, but I had to be trained. Smile.

And you are in Sedro-Woolley, I cant believe that! What a small world, my Aunt used to have an appalousa farm there years ago. Very beautiful country.

Is there still a big dump where you can watch the grizzlies?(sp)

hmmm… was it near the skagit river? if so, it has been covered in grass seeds and trees :stuck_out_tongue:

wow, it is a small world. I personally don’t like the town. But hey, I DO get to use compys!

How long ago was this when you had your farm?

And yes I do know that it can be hard to come up with a good post, and I wasn’t trying to be mean or rude, but some people don’t have much time to help people, and if they see a poorly done post, then they won’t be able to help and therefore will ignore it, thus making the poster feel sad that they were ignored. I was only trying to help by showing some good ettiquete (spelling)

Im confused by most of these posts.

Anyways, I tried it again and it seemed to work fine, I dont know what the problem was before.

And im not dislexic, i just could not be arsed to do everything right to be honest

I havent been there since 75, it was my aunts farm not mine. Mine is in Idaho now, LOL. Where the sun is.

You know, all I remember is that the dump was about 10 miles from the canadian boarder and not far from her house. When we were there watching the bears ( a cool thing) there were several other cars there watching too.

Her farm was close to another horse farm for tennessee walkers. Its been so long since I was there.

The only reason she liked it there was because of the beatiful land, not the people. LOL.

I understand how frustrating a noob can be 'cause Im one! LOL.