Water jet like in Geneva with fluid simulation ?


How to make a realistic water jet like this :

Can I use Fluid Simulation to do this ?



You can use the fluid simulation to make a vertical jet of water but it won’t look like this. I’ve found it works best when simulating relatively small liquid volumes. There’s no harm in you trying anyway, just that you’ll need to do some faking to get the fine spray appearance.


The larger your domain, the longer the simulation will take, but you could try.

The maximum real-world size for a domain in a blender fluid simulation is 10m.


My 2 cents. Try simulating in parts the stream of solid fluid. Then do a particle pass in the fluid sim. Make the solid stream disappear. or even the mist with a separate particle sim.

FWIW there is a bug in the fluid inflow object- it won’t work if it is within the bounding box of an obstacle object. To make your fluid come out of a nozzle you have use something like a spun curve / bevel object.

I’ve not come across this bug. I have inflows originating inside the bounding box of an obstacle and it works as expected.


When we get smoke sim officially, we could do stuff like this entirely with heavy smoke and a high starting velocity.

Seems to be very complex…
I don’t know how to do this…:frowning:
Do you think that particles system would be better ?


another 2 cents… I find that trying to simulate everything sometimes wastes lots of my time. See if there are parts that a simple layer switch and shape key or texture fade can do. Then try and simulate the rest.
ex. You could make the jet with curves or a shape key animate up then simulate the particles coming off of it. If you use a mesh for the jet it will more easily look like water you can animate a texture off set up it to make it look like its moving. Then simulate particles off that into a stream and use volumetrics or smoke to make it look nice