Water Jug

Just a simple doodle a did a while back while playing with BSurfaces. Made with 2.63 Release and Cycles.



Good work. I would like to see the water pure out into a glass. You can do this with fluid simulator. If you wonder about the fluid simulator then I will answer any questions I can. good work over all though.

Thanks, appreciate it! :slight_smile:

I was thinking about fluid sim, but opted for a simple wave modifier instead. Problem I have with fluid sims are the insane amount of bake time it takes to get a good quality liquid out of it. Not bad for a single still image perhaps. I’ll keep this in mind next time I open the file.

Cheers o/

PS - Sorry youtube butchered the upload (all blocky). I need to upload raw avi’s I guess if I want to get a clean scale perhaps

I found for the most part if you add a sub-surf modifier to the fluid sim it makes it look a lot better plus it does not do anything to bake time (should not change render time much unless you crank it up all the way). I would very much like to see the progress on it. I think with a little tweaking it could be very “very” good work. Keep it up!