Water Logo!

Playing with the awesome new feature from Blender fluid control!!!

Impressive !!!

Do u use 2.47 or which version?

The version could be any.

looks like the viscosity (and color) of a weird oil…
I like it… and I’m curious how this was accomplished with the fluid system :smiley: - because it looks awesome!

Lovely materials, and awesome logo! How did you accomplish that?

Very nice! I wonder how long that took to bake/render?

It’s just Ray transparent, RayMirror and color. Simply.

To the bake, it takes one hour, and to the render… I leave it rendering at night and just wake up and its done. Cant be precise with the render time… but 8 hours I think.

8 hours?! That would take several days on my computer!
This is awesome work. You really know your stuff with the fluid simulator.

Very very nice. Is this the fluid control that is introduced in the 2.48 RC or is this in 2.47 as well? Haven’t played enough with fluids to be to familiar about which features are from which builds, or to know if this is in 2.47 or not.

I can’t know… sorry… because I have downloaded so many builds from graphicall.org… this file is no longer compatible with recent builds, I tryed to open the file again and can’t see the fluids…
I will wait the final version of Blender 2.48 to remake the scene.

Ah, thanks anyway, I forgot to mention that I really like when the liquid touches it from below and the logo pulses and ripples as a result.


Anyone think they could do something like the microsoft games logo with this sort of technique? (You know the one where the black and white fluid flies around the screen).

Nice stuff! What’s the liquid supposed to be?

The color of the logo is green. The viscosit of the fluid was set as defaul water. Just change the color… so… It’s a green water! heheheh.

Very nice… I have seen other fluid sims, usually low res (and kind of noobish!), but this is by far one of the best sims ive ever seen. you should try something like MPan3’s catastrophicly flooded city (he calls it “Large Scale Fluid Sim”).

Looks a lot just like the basic demo. Have you considered trying to move the camera?

Nice and simple, just what a logo needs. How do you get the fluid attraction to explode at the end? I thought that you can’t IPO the forces? Great colour scheme BTW.