Water Man (animation) updated

Here is something I am working on…
Tell me what works and what doesn’t.

wow! that is neat!

how did you make the ice effect?

Can u tell us how this was done. Just a simple explanation. I’ve wanted to try something similar for ages. Obviously used fluid simulation but how do you get the transition between the water to the character. Using IPO’s or something?

My guess is you rendered it backwards right?

I think he rendered it backwards, then rendered it walking, put them together in sequencer. As for ice… animated texture?

Mmph! I used this tutorial http://www.geneome.net/blender/videotutorials/AnimatingNodeMaterials-XviD.avi along with cogs on creating a animated blend and then Mnodes to animate between to complex Materials. I think that the time node patch is in the tracker. Wasted allot of time looking for animated gradient blends. ha and I ended up using blender.

digital_domain and musk You are right about the fluid sim. I simualted then I used the bobj_import.py to capture a frame from the begining and turn it into a mesh. Then I ran the sim backward in the sequencer. But to morph between the meshes I took the mesh from bobj and the mesh of the bvh animation did blend shapes between them. I used animated layers to switch between layers. I found that the sculpt tool was amazing to move the basis and the key1 into the right positions for the morph.

Its not done I am trying to decide on a couple things. How to break the iceman. I have tried two different ways. The 1st have quite funny. I cut him up and extrude scaled0 so that chunks of ice would fall. then I ran the rigged body sim and parts went flying everywhere. So that hasn’t worked how I hoped. then I ran Jahka’s particles and exploded down and that was ok but the volume doesnt really show. I have Kia’s new script but haven’t tried it out yet. I am thinking same problem with volume.

Also I wanted to try metaball water footprints. Projection texture waves for better footsteps. Melting ice maybe metaball particles again? Steam harmonics…

I threw the ice wall up at the last minute to have something to freeze him. What do you think. Should it be a ice cube? I really don’t want to rerender the whole thing it takes forever. And I am not using raytracing for faster speed. Also I thought that I had shadows but doesnt look like it maybe I need to rerender. But not today must continue.
Anyhow thanks

That is awesome!!! The effect that you’ve got going is the neatest thing ever!

And I am not using raytracing for faster speed. Also I thought that I had shadows but doesnt look like it maybe I need to rerender. But not today must continue

are you using buffer shadows? they are the only kind that work without raytracing

yeah, I am using shadow buffers.

Here is a little update… Still more to do but getting closer. Seems like you fix one thing and break another…

Any tips? I need to make the transitions better and fix the water at the end…

Looks cool, the ice break comes too soon, he’s not fully frozen when he breaks, leave it a second or two, and shift the camera in to a nearer view to see what’s happening.

Talking of the camera, it seems to move out of control a little at the beginning of the animation.

Looks great though, good work!

That’s what I was about to say; about three or four seconds into the animation, the camera jerks backward a good ways. Try looking at your camera in 3D view and going frame by frame until you can spot the problem.

Yeah I messed the camera up from the first one. Seems like two steps forward one back… Since its the fluid sim its running backward. Thanks for the comments.

Here is the lastest…
oops. I forgot to fix that camera move at the beginning… I guess that is next.

Cool effect!

great effects!

You could create an endless loop:

  1. fire melts the ice, turns into water, the man arises,
  2. the man goes to the ice and freezes,
  3. back to 1.