Water material and fluid test (NOW ANIMATED, WITH .BLEND)

I spent all of yesterday morning seeing how good I could make water look in in blender (meaning all internal renderer). the fluid bake took about 7 hours (that’s the amount of sleep I got while it was baking) and i played with materials from there on. I think the water material turned out quite nice.

I stole the metal material of the bowls from ZSolt. Thanks, man.
I wanted to post it up yesterday, but ImageShack was down for maintenance. :frowning:


Click here to watch fluid-pots (putfile)

YouTube version: http://www.youtube.com/?v=2_jRxLuv2Oc

Anyone have a server i can post the .blend?

I would have made the bake higher res, but I only have about 1.73 gigs left on my 20 gig drive my laptop has, so I had to cap the res at 200.

if anyone wants, they can re-bake it themselves and see how good they can make it look… if i can ever upload it…


Water is very very good

Background could be modeled. Plants, Table, Anything but that blurry image that hurts they eyes

Awesome though

h4x has set up a free Blender file host/mirror here: http://h4x.snipanet.com/blender/

Very nice looking fluid render.:slight_smile:


thanks, dwarvenfury.

.blend is on the site as “Fluid material and animation.blend.blend”

The animation still giving me some trouble as far as getting on the server, but i’ll have it up in due time.

The water material turned out very nice. What I usually do when I play with fluids is give it a color glass mirror/transparency with yafray and a light blue material. Though yours looks fantastic.

I’m not that huge of a yafray fan, so I try to do everythign in the internal renderer, this being one of them. I like the way this turned out, because I used no AO, only ray shadows. it’s a relatively fast render, too.

The video’s finally up!

check it out in the first post to see the fluid material in action. you can really get an appreciation for it that way.

oh, has anyone made any use of the .blend yet?

Vely goot!
Thumbs up.

Dammit, putfile’s filtered here! Would I be asking too much for you to host it somewhere else? Pretty please? If it’s any motivation to do so, I think the render looks great!
EDIT: Er, am I just blind? I can’t see the .blend anywhere either! :-?
EDIT2: It’s alright, I found it. For the benefit of others it’s http://h4x.snipanet.com/blender/mirror/Fluid%20material%20and%20animation.blend.blend.

I’m baking as we speak, at 300 res. Cool beans!

AAAAAAAH! putfile.com again! :-?

What’s wrong with http://video.google.com/

Google video takes too long to pass through moderation.

I like to post stuff up instantly.

BUT is YouTube to your liking? I posted it this afternoon and now it’s finally up:

Nice work. Have you considered adding your file to the Blender 3D Model Repository?

You know, I think I will.

I’m headed out now for a filming project, but when i come back, I’ll get on that.

The image looks very good (I will check the animation when I get back home).

I was just trying to setup my own water mat at the moment for a test animation I’m working on, but I think I will stop those efforts, use yours and work from there. Thanks for sharing !

looks great
any idea if your bake time can be shortened

ill study it ,im starting to study fluids too

you can join my site and have it downloaded from there as a member just put a link to that page

post it in blender tutorials