Water Mill

Hey everyone! This is my first time that I post something in this community.
I’ve wanted to model a calm outdoor scene and this is the result.

I also used GIMP to add some minor details like the smoke.

So, any feedback? or suggestion? This entire scene took more than a month to modell.


I would change the direction of the light so some of the details on your model are easier to see.

I know that it’s kind of a fantasy scene, so reality isn’t that important, but water wheels are generally oriented in line with the flow of water. Your wheel is angled sideways to the water and would not turn well.

Wow, you did really well with the grass. The water is really nice too but I wish it was just a bit more transparent/transmissive. Nice mood with the lighting. And the model itself is of course impressive.

What happens tho, is that the model doesn’t quite fit the scene in terms of materials/shape+design/scale. The model has more of a fantasy element and realistic but not photorealistic. The wheel could be up to 2 times as big around. The building could be bigger in the scene ( I think the size of the grass is giving the scale). Is there a light in the upper turret or is the sky just that bright? And some of the sharp angles on the turret tops and the wheel might need to be smoothed out to get it more realistic.

Edit: Is that a burnt out stump or a rock? I didn’t see it at first.

Very nice, Dario. I agree with the others’ observations, I’d also mention that the water “waves” are a bit large for the implied scale. I hope you tweak the suggestions and post it again. :slight_smile:

I work on a mock up to show some of the ideas like scale and direction. If you like, I can send you the blend file. If you don’t like, I can take this image down.

I like the detail in the riverbank on the lower right. And I agree with the above suggestions for improvements. Keep the updates coming :).

Water mills usually have a dam attached to them. It’s easier to utilize the water flow that way :slight_smile:

Thank you very much for all of your suggestions!!
I will try to implement them and repost the work soon

yes that would be very appreciated!

Hey everyone,
Thank you all for your suggestions: during the holidays I’ve tried to implement them.

I’ve tweaked a bit the scale of the watermill and I’ve also edited the size and direction of the waves. Finally, I’ve also changed the lights set-up as it has been suggested.