Water mill

I’m new here and I would like to share my latest project.

Making of… and more of my projects can be found on my website www.nitrak.pl/portfolio

Very nice :smiley: And Welcome to the forum!

Very impressive :yes: I suppose it’s hard to be web and graphic designer at the same time and I recently started to learn everything you need to know to make a website and is not easy at all .Welcome to the forum!:smiley:

Wow, spectacular!!!

ooh! dat nice!

welcome to the world of BA :slight_smile:

Absolutely great - pretty sure I saw this as a BlenderNation header not too long ago.

Incredible work and you have a very nice portfolio as well :slight_smile:

Outstanding work, nitrak! I can’t find anything to critique; I will just say I especially like the soft lighting, the grass and the depth of field. The textures and the colors chosen are excellent, and of course the blue glowing lights are very mysterious and add an element of fantasy. 5 stars!

Amaaazing! everything is just perfect and outstanding !
uhh the grass near the camera looks too solid or unreal or something… except for everything else its beautiful :eyebrowlift:

Great scene! I’m very impressed. Only critique: Some water splashes and or foam/fog would be nice.

Looking great! Would the water not be flowing much faster with that kind of slope and in order to drive the wheels?

I would like to be there right now. Faraway from all the noise in city and work. Very nice scenery, want to archive your skills some day!

I really like this scene, the rest of the projects on your site as well! :smiley: Welcome to BlenderArtists.

what renderer did u use ?

Dude you are a great artist already!
Welcome to the forum.

what renderer did u use ?

It looks like blender internal.

I have to say, your grass looks so awesome. The only thing I don`t like is the flat alpha image trees. I think they are too close to the camera to be alpha images and not real geometry trees. But ones again, great image overall!

Edit: Im sorry, is cycles. I checked your portfolio. You are amazing. You really have some true inspirational stuff in there. (I bookmarked your folio, hope you dont mind) I love the fact that you make so many screen shots on every project. hehe. :smiley:

Awesome, I wish to be as good as you in game design

Awesome render!!! your first forum to share … Thank you for sharing your work with us…

Congrats on being featured on the top :smiley: Well deserved!

awesome!!! welcome to blender artists! enjoy.

Great way to introduce yourself. Awesome image, Welcome to BA forum