water + movement

Hi, I don’t really know where to post this thread, it’s more of a question than a tread.So please forgive me!But here it is…

I would like to know how to move water around in mid air, using any technique…

Im not so good at the fluids yet, so is there a way in which you can control fluid so that it can fly around freely in the air, following the fluid infront of it? I tried this with patricles of meta objects, but the meta does not really look like water, as you would think.(very clumpy water)

Forgive me if this is a stupid question/obvious answer, but im in a blank here.
Also, if you know of any good fluid tutorials, that would also help, maybe I can find a technique there, or just spice up my knowledge of fluids if not.

Thanx:D(and sory if this is in the wrong forum/tread!)

Maybe try the comping/special effects thread. but, quick note:
This is a pretty tough concept, especially for blender. Something that maybe the big fluiid masters would have trouble with. And calcualtions would take forever…all i can say is good luck.
good Ambiton tho