Water on the Moon

i read yesterday that NASA has found water on the Moon

a link, for anyone interested :


they apparently found roughly 75 litres of ice… i know, it doesn’t say that in that particular link, i read it in an article in french…


Hmm… H2O = water, O = Oxygen… So there’s oxygen on the moon, or does the oxygen have to be O2?

They knew it was there for a long time, this is just confirmation. Great news nonetheless.

well, from what it says, it’s ice that has been there for millions of years, maybe, so maybe the moon had oxygen once.

where do you think NASA will go first? Mars, or the Moon?

Going to meaning…? If you mean peaople going there from NASA, wasn’t NASA leading the apollo expiditions?

what i meant was, are they going to send humans to Mars first? or return to the Moon?

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I saw the animation of the water in the moon when the explosion took place on TV, and then the scientists who was tracking the signitures of the matter out there said that there was water in there.

For some funnys, the lady on the news said to the weather presenter - "Now I hears there is some moistures also along the . . . " or somethings alongs those lines.

apparently there’s also a significant amount of Helium-3 in the moon’s crust… just read that :smiley:

Moon’s gravity is too low for it to have an atmosphere. Also, I’m pretty sure oxygen atoms will automatically form O2 molecules.

Im not good with science, is Helium-3 the same as Ozon, but with helium instead of oxygen?

Helium-3 is a variant of ordinary Helium :smiley: i looked it up, i had never heard of it…

i found this:

it says it’s a radioactive isotope of Helium, and has 2 protons and 1 neutron… no idea kow many electrons though… shoot. :wink:

maybe it had an atmosphere several million years ago… :smiley:

I think the thinking according to geologic eons suggest the Moon pretty much never had an atmosphere. This is pretty much what is to be thought among both those scientists and creationists.

hmm…maybe the oxygen was trapped in the stone, then? many gases are…

i’ve read that there is a theory that the moon was once part of Earth, meaning the Earth was larger. but because of a huge collision, a chunk got seperated and became the moon… or something like that. maybe that’s why there’s oxygen, it got trapped in the stone somehow…

Well, sure it’s a confirmation that there is water. Even when they have all the proofs there is water somewhere, they find a way to say “It’s not sure” until they are drinking a lemonade on the planet in question. :wink:

About helium, the number of electrons is the same than the number of protons, in any atom (except ions). So, the number of electrons and protons in an helium atom is 2.
There could be any number of neutrons though, until the atom desintegrates because it’s to heavy for itself.
Helium-3 has 3 nucleons (protons + neutrons), so it means there is 1 neutron.

T. Edoc

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actually, the element was Helium-3, not Hydrogen.

Oh sorry! Same principle though.

I will correct it on my post.

Great, now we can do some farming there… oh wait!

Why would we wait? I already bought land to cultivate. :wink: