Water Pressure Gauge

Testing my new Geforce 770 GPU, Cycles 200 samples. Under a minute for render times. (With and without Post)

Any chance we can see the nodes for the copper?
As I said before, very nicely done.

Sure. The images are just some grunge textures.


Awesome! Love the lighting and the wet glass.
Maybe some higher res textures on the outside circular part of the meter would make it even better.

Great work. Nice textures, lighting, the glass… Love it.

I like textures and lighting. But I think that after post image became more blurry. Too much blurry, maybe because of glare. I like this blur on the glass but I propose to expose it better for eg. with bump, add some small droplets.

After all it’s great piece of work.

Thanks guys! Yea my textures weren’t very big being that I’m not a Cg textures premium member, so I’m limited to smaller sizes.

I did not realize how blurry/bright it got until posting it. :eek:

Beautiful piece man, love the colors. The lighting/compositing and textures turned out great imo. I’m a fan of object renders like this. Good work!

Thank you! Im working on materials/texturing better.