water sim question


Í made a 400 frames simulation glass with water but as you can see the water doesn’t touch the glass completly. The glass is made with a cube and a subsurf applied to it. The water is a spehre, big and long enough to fill the glass completly in the beginning. The domain is a cube.

But why doens’t the water hit the glass, and why does the water in the glass look like a cube? I think the picture makes clear what i mean.

The picture is frame 212

Thanx Twan

it would help if you post the picture in another perspective.

Are the water leaking from the cup? If so, you need to set the glass as an obstacle. (shell mode)
If the only concern is that your water dose not meet the side of the glass, it simply means the resolution of the water is not high enough, you need to increase the baking resolution.

am not sure if this helps… try this video tutorial by lord of the rings junkie.