Water simulation can refelct images?

Hello !

I was wondering if it was possible to see through a background image in a fluid simulation ?
My goal is to render the whole background image with the water that refect this image

The water reflect the environnement texture image and objects but seems to not be able to see through a normal “image backgroud”…

(English is not my language) I think the best in this case would be to use Cycles.

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No problems , I’m not english to ^^
I’ve switch to evee ( even if if know that my computer not gonna like it )

So I go to object properties of the photo - ray visibility - deselect camera and i quick render and it stil looks so strange !! So unfortunely, that’s impossible to refelect a photo in water with evee ??

in this case, adding an HDRI wouldn’t help?

No , not really , as you we can see , the wqter doesn’t reflect the photo through the water. The green photo is an album cover so it’s as important to be shown in the final render and the water has to be on the top of this cover photo and being see through water , sorry for my confuse explications ^^

I basically want to see the green photo through the water , how can I process ? is it possible in evee ?

I’'ve change the water to alpha blend and glass bsdf with cycle and it’s finally work :slight_smile: note to myself as i litterally almost make the conversation and respond to myself lol :sweat_smile:

I’m still interested on others ways to achieve this effect in evee :slight_smile: My computer isn’t adapted to render a whole water animation of 2min in cyles :rofl: