Water simulation - Domain makes bars of water to edge of domain

Well this topic all started out from here: http://www.blenderartists.org/forum/showthread.php?308487-Why-is-boolean-failing

However now, the original problem is solved, but there are some very serious and mind boggling errors in the scene. Please have a look at the file here:


Note: You may have to “bake” the domain for it to do anything.

There is a “landscape hull” which is the object the water.001 (fluid) and water.002 (inflow) object are suppose to collide with. The trouble is, its not simulating correctly, I’ve yet to establish a cause, but the effect is that from some parts of the two fluid objects, it makes “bars” of water that extend all the way to the edge of the WATER_DOMAIN object. Whats going on and how to I fix this? I’ve done hundreds of fluid simulations before and never encountered this problem.

The first thing I noticed was that the landscape hull object is not set to an obstacle. Set it to an obstacle under the fluid simulation panel then set the volume initialization to shell and that should get it working.

Aha I’ve figured it out. Although a part of the problem, the landscape obstacle object was not the main issue. I think i disabled it to test something just before uploading. The Real problem i found, was holes in both the fluid and inflow meshes, when I zoomed in on the parts the bars were coming from. Then I just selected the edges at either side, hit “bridge face loops” and it made a new face, sealing up the gap.

Holes in the fluid inflow meshes messing up the simulation doesn’t logically make sense in my head. But hey, at least its fixed!