Water simulation


Baking simulation took for about 3 days. Use flip fluid addon and take for about 2min per frame (1920x1080). 12million whitewater particle and 20 million water particles, sometime more.

link of full animation


Very nice result

Thats a long time for baking,i would thinking my computer is crashed.I like those test and simulation renderings.I think this water and the foam,looks a bit plastic like,like a tablemodel.

Yes because it’s not moving, it’s a single image, but trust me in the video it seems like real foam.

nice work !!!

Looks amazing. If it took 3 days just to bake, I would lose my sanity trying to render something like that as an animation.

Thank you Kadraeus. Yes, it takes a lot of time to render 400 frames with 40 millions particles in 6 different camera views. I’m rendering Blender daily build where you can render with both GPU (1060 6gb) and CPU (i7 8700). You also need a lot of ram for all those particles.

where is that video you are talking about?

How much ram do you have in your PC? I’m curious as I’m using an i7 8700 as well and my GPU is an 8Gb GTX 1070. I’m currently using 16Gb of ram but my guess is that ain’t enough for simulations like these?

I’m still rendering it, will probably post it in like 2 weeks.

I have 16gb and it’s enough.

Cool, thanks! Looking forward to the animation.

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So realistic and dramatic. Great.

Thank you blendito. Almost finished rendering the animation

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Whaou excellent :star_struck:
Realistic render :clap:

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