Water simulations

Hey guys,
im just messing about with some water simulations and was wondering if anyone knew any good tutorials for interesting things you can do with water?

Also im trying to do a simple animation of getting an obstacle to hit a ball of water suspended in mid air, ive turned the scene gravity off and have no velocity setting on my fluid object but when im baking the water still seems to fall downards. how can i get it to stay in the air untill my obstacle object hits it?:confused:

If you un-check Global/Scene Gravity in the Scene Settings, then the Fluid Simulation Gravity controls in the ‘Domain World’ panel can be adjusted locally.

In other words, you need to adjust the Gravity Z in the Physics settings > Fluid > Domain World panel, where it is probably still set to -9.81 .

Also, as far as I know (maybe someone can correct me if this is no longer true), but I think you also still need to enter some small non-zero value, such as 0.001, for at least one axis of the Gravity settings to avoid issues.
(At least this is what it still says in the wiki documentation).


Great Water is Here

awesome thanks guys

As always, Andrew Price has a tutorial for everything:


The best web site of tutorials in blender:

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