Water splash simulation

I’m trying to create this type of splash effect using blender fluid simulation, but the water is too thick and looking nowhere close to this image.
Please help :pray:

You can try the flipfluid addon. It has some tools for this kind of splash.

But it’s not free. Can you suggest some other option?

Did you try with Mantaflow or the old system?

Tried both, mantaflow is giving better results than the old simulator but not good enough. Mantaflow is very new, so there are not many tutorials and it’s kind of confusing too

Perhaps try to summon zeauro. It appears that he has been testing MF a lot.

Thanks, I’ve sent him a message.

Let’s start with the obvious.
First, you need a domain that is twice or more wider than object that will collide to be able to see a splash. But it also need to have enough depth if you want to reach points where liquids tears itself to create drops.
Then, you need something in movement. It can be obstacle falling in liquid, an inflow falling on obstacle or a volume of liquid thrown on obstacle.
So, that means that you know how to animate object’s position, where are gravity settings or initial velocity settings.

Then, to obtain a thin liquid, you need enough particles to avoid holes and to define drops.
For that goal, you can increase Resolution, Narrow Band Width, Particles Sampling or decrease Particles minimum per cell.

Then, you can increase resolution when baking mesh.
Settings in Mesh panel are most important. There is a Particle Radius.
If it is too big, fluid is too thick. If it is too small, fluid becomes blobby with holes.
That is the reason to have mesh displayed in wireframe mode to compare particles and Mesh.

You can analyze mesh and see if holes exists because of a lack of particles or if mesh is far away from particles because of particle radius.
Eventually, if mesh is too blobby, you can try to increase Smoothing settings and rebake.
But a simpler way is to add a smooth modifier on domain.
A smooth modifier will also reduce thickness of fluid.


Thank you very much, I’ll try these things👍