Water Splash

Anyone have any ideas on how to do a water splash effect? So that when your character falls into water you get a plume of water. I was experimenting with having an empty shoot out planes with a splash texture on it, but that didn’t look that good. Any suggestions would be great, a .blend file would be even better.

Have a look in Big Buck Bunny. There is an excellent example of a low resource splash.
I think it use an animated texture map uv to a series of concentric ring objects.
These are scaled and positioned with ipos or actions.
Soon to be known as:-

from :- http://www.blender.org/development/current-projects/blender-25-project/

Blender’s new animation system allows to add a Function Curve to any property. The new Graph Editor (formerly Ipo Curve Editor) enables to view, browse and edit any collection of function curves, including all the curves of an entire scene!


I believe that this is for animation only, I was looking for a way to do it in the game engine. Preferably without an animated texture. (I’m still not sure how to use them:()

YoFrankie has a splash. I updated it for 2.49, if you grab the files in svn you can look at it. will update YoFrankie 1.1 soon.
basically add a set of animated object when anything touches the water.