water still shot

hello i am thinking about doing a swimming pool model and am wondering what the best way do do a realistic water but i am not animating the model so how would i go about making water for a still model.
thanks for any help.

Here… try this as an example.

The take-away is this… subdivide a plane using Subdivide Multi Fractal, Number of Cuts = 50, Rand Fac = 1. Scale all the vertices in the Z to be almost, but not quite flat. Apply a subsurf to this subdivide plane, with Levels = 2 and Render Levels = 3. Add a new material. Set the color to some pleasing bluish color. Set alpha to 0.09 or so, and turn on Ray Transparency and Ray Mirror. Set Ray Mirror to 0.5 and Fresnel to 1.3. Set IOR in Ray Transparency to 1.5 or so…

Make your lamp a Sunlight lamp and angle it so it comes in toward the camera at a low angle. Set your horizon and zenith colors to a light and dark shade of blue, respectively and ensure Blend is on. I turned on Ambient Occlusion, so it will take about 5 minutes to render, but you can turn it off if you’d rather.

Hope this helps…

Edit: the blend file got too large to upload due to the highly-subdivided water surface… will change and repost in a bit…

Blend file uploaded…


swimming pool 2.blend (392 KB)

Thats not bad but i was hoping for a bit more turbulence for a side shot with the camera half way under water. i dont under stand your system but i will keep working on it.

Dang it! I had previously read your mind and knew that you wanted more turbulence, with the camera half under water, but decided to ignore my ESP and instead created a blend file based solely on the information in your post! I hate it when I do that!

i was hoping to do something sorta like this


photon mapping is not a feature currently in the internal renderer. You’re gonna have to use an external one.

To fake the photon mapping, you could simply put a procedural clouds texture on it.

for the water, just use a cloud texture on a plane, and have it effect normals. Then set the transparency up. for the light, turn up the emit and then use the radiosity feature

i cant just put a cloud texture effecting surface normal on becous that dosnt actualy change the geomatry of the mesh it just fakes it.
and im going to yous yafaray