Water tests...

Hey all,

I’ve been wanting to start a thread where people can post their water tests for a while. I just now got around to doing it. Please share the .blend file if you have it…or just take a screenshot of your settings.

To start things off here are some of my results today by far the best I’ve ever done:

Here’s the .blend:
water1.blend (392 KB)

Happy blendering,

Great Idea!


what techniques are you using to do water

waves?,empties on the grid like in blendermag 16 ,
in containers

The two ways I know are either Fluid Sim, or texturing tricks. :yes:

For this image, (and what I normally do) is just textures…displacement/normal maping, all blender internal. And then transparency and reflections.

Here’s some more…same scene just some different settings and camera placement:


cogsfilm has some cool techniques


and blenderartmagazine 16