Water Textures!?!?!

I have been making a bathroom scene in which there is a shower. To add a little dynamic flare I really want to add some water into the mix by making the shower look on. To do this I don’t want to us the fluid simulator as it is too unpredictable, I was planning to use a water texture. The only problem is that I have no idea how to get one. Also on top of this I have some planks of wood underneath this shower head which I would like to be darker because of the water (this problem I think I can solve with some fiddling, but I have no idea how to texture a plane to look like water).

Here is the current unfinished scene at 1500 samples (none of it is finished yet and I am aware of many of the problems in the render):

thanks, please ask if i a being unclear.

This is the wrong sub-forum

Don’t use the fluid simulator for this. Use a particle system that emits groups of objects to represent the spraying water… I would experiment with different lengths of long water droplets, and experiment with materials. Also, be sure to add some steam to the mix.

Nice looking render by the way.

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