Water using vertex displacement

Someone might find it useful
You can get it here

Looks good!

That’s actually a pretty similar system as in my fractal & functions script! Works great!

Nice, Can you give a description on how its done? Do the the boats have any real boutancy?

very cool i like how the boats work with the water, the water also looks very nice

Boats are just placed on top and move together with waves.

Looking great!
I’ve edited it a little bit so it could be tiled (removed some nodes actually), And then added some LODs but the transitions were just too obvious, The mesh appears as a normal plane and then re-displaces. Even when setting python tick rate to 0.

Very nice!

If you want to tile it you will have to change the script a little bit. I’ll post a tiled example later tonight

I have to get up early so I wont have time to do it tonight but I can explain so you can try it.

First add a plane and subdivide it 8 times and add the water material, then add another plane and subdivide it 4 times and give it the same material. Then on the second plane select the outer edge and subdivide it one time.
So now when you tile them the edges will have the same amount of vertices.

In the script you will have to find the part where I define the x and y variables and add objects x and y position to them.

Finally we’ll have some boat games!
Thank you very much for sharing!

This wasn’t the problem actually, Because the seams can already disappear by mirroring. My problem was with LoD switching. (I’m using Kupoman’s)