water well (2nd project need crit)

well i gave up on my last project cos of texturing frustrations :stuck_out_tongue:

but im back on my third ever project, a water well.

im trying to go for photorealism, but its hard. i was having big problems yesterday with rendering this thing because all my bricks were seperate objects and all had displacement maps. well now i joined the same textured objects together and used a normal map insteadā€¦ now i can actually render this AND there is no loss of quality of disp mapping.

i am rendering in yafray mostly because the textures come out so much sharper than in blender, and i dont know why so please help me out on this one.

starting offā€¦ i could do disp maps then since there were only a few bricks

this is my current stageā€¦ rendered in yafray

this the same but in blenders renderer. as you can see teh textures arent as detailed and there is a ā€œholeā€ in the shadow for some strange reason :S
any way i can fix these problems because i would prefer to work solely in blenders renderer?

crits please

(i am currently modelling the rest of the wellā€¦ updates tmoro)

I think it looks quite photo real imo. And looking at both renders I almost prefer the blender render aside from the shadow issues. Great work I must say. It seems that you already know the issues that I had with it(shadows, ect.).

ok took away the noise bump on the bricksā€¦ looks better now


I like it! but, it needs somethingā€¦water :stuck_out_tongue:

Looks much better. Now I am leading towards the yafray render %|

decided to model a little bit more so i can work on getting those wood/metal textures (havnt decided yet :p) up tmoro


im going to be relying on the main detail coming out with disp maps and norm maps, so im trying to keep the model as simple as possible

if you are looking for photoreal, you may want to stay with the yafray renderer and use some GI with an HDRI to light the sceneā€¦

bricks look great at the moment, very realistic looking!

will you be adding any lichen, plants, moss, mold, etc to the scene?

yeahā€¦ i dont want to give too much away at this stage (mainly cos i dont know myself :P) but yeah. thanks alotā€¦ i should be modelling some more tonight so il post an update later

Wow, what a coincidence. At the place where I work, we used to have a guy there who was a 3D artist working for a company below us. We had made a deal with them so they could use some of our computers for modelling and rendering.

Anyways, that guy was responsible for the CGI and compositing shots for a stop-motion puppet animation project that the company was working on. And one shot involved a brick well, pretty much just like this one.

You wouldnt happen to be that guy? :smiley:

lolā€¦ well noā€¦ ive only been doing 3d stuff for about 3 weeks :stuck_out_tongue:

ok guysā€¦ been away for the weekend but here is my updated modelā€¦ tell me what you think of the textures and any ways i can improve it


lighting nowhere near final here. wnat to know what you think of the tiles.

how do i go about creating grass (preferably without the fiber script unless someone can give me a REALLY simple tutorial on how to install and use it)?


Very nice, I dont think the top rail should be subsurfed though :wink:

You can always try using particles for grass but I think the fiber looks much better. I didnā€™t really have a problem downloading the script. Just download it, and then once it is downloaded save it to the parent directory of all files you want to have fiber applied to. Open your blend, select the mesh that you want to have fibered, split the screen and go into text editor, open both fiber.py and fibergui.py, in fibergui.py with the cursor in the text window press alt+p. Now, load the grass preset grass.fib from the same folder as the fibergui and fiber .py files(donā€™t forget to press load preset once you have it chosen). Click estimate faces(just to estimate) and then press make. Should be that easy to start. I am sure once you get it going you would want to tweak the settings to your liking. I hope it works for you.

As for the shingles I am not too keen on them. I think they need to be a little rougher. I would like to think that I could get a sliver by touching them. Right now they are too smooth imo.

i cant get it to workā€¦ always says ā€œscript errorā€ but i may be able to do it by importing my objects into the example file that comes with it (it works in that)

please someone tell me why its not working normally!

hehe, I remember having the same problem over and over again. It would estimate faces and all that but would get that script error. I am not sure why it works now :< . Sorry Jaderberg :frowning:

ok heres a near final version (final version will have DOF and maybe waterā€¦takes ages to render (talking 5 hours!))

depicts the well ontop of a hill/highlands

two renders, one dark with no spec and one with spec and lighter. merged in photoshop with blur and diffuse glow


crits pleaseā€¦ i dont want it to go into finished until its perfect :stuck_out_tongue:

btw ive left 4k vertices incase theres something interested to be added (im using yafray and i think it has a 64k vertice limit?)

There is way too much shine on the roof. Is it wood? I assumed it was from the beginning. If it is wood there should be hardly any spec at all. Unless the wood has been varnished which I doubt would happen on an old well.

i really like the img, reduce the spec and hard from grass, looks fake , and too shine roof like Woodman5k sayd

actually they are meant to be ceramic tilesā€¦ i was trying to get that ā€œjust been rainingā€ lookā€¦ maybe il just stick to the normal look then