water what arre the specular value and glossiness of creating water

when creating a map for water. i have looked online and seen the index refraction of water is 1.333

A short post from wikipedia explaining why it s the value
For example, the refractive index of water is 1.33, meaning that light travels 1.33 times slower in water than it does in vacuum.

I have tried to find the specular value and glossy value and have been unable to locate these values. Wghat are the values of the specular and glossines .

I assume you are using the blender renderer
Specular and glossiness are not real world physical values unlike a materials refractive index

You can use values that look correct or look at example blend files

If you are trying to get realistic water - you are better off using Cycles.

If you use the glass shader and set the IOR value - the shader will automatically handle the reflection and refraction.

im using 3ds max. i thought the tools of making realistic water map would be similar to the 3 packages blender maya.

I ve seen the diffuse color used on water is nearly black. Ive read some were after i posted this in the forum. t.hat the diffuse color of a reflective object ike a mirror has low diffuse value of nealry 0 perccent so the value is dark (nearly black)

not quite black as black doesnt reflect photons . Im not sure as ive only just read this and im confused on the subject of what diffuse .

I thought it wass primarily colour of the material but im starting to see that the purpose iof diffuse

not what first thought

if there not real values how did they learn to use these values

Eyeballing? Transparency/reflection ratio is based on fresnel (excluding effect of polarizer) and roughness is typically very low. Use black diffuse and white transparency/reflective color, with a hint of blue turquoise color for any absorbing node (fake or true volumetric). Ignore absorb color for a typical glass or bathtub of water. Coloration to main color would be based on water impurities (green to brown to red) such as chlorophyll. The main contribution to outdoor water looking blue’ish comes from the sky.

I have this complete at the moment ive used rerfarcton and the skylight to light the area 3ds max. It not right as there are issues .happy for any feedback.