Can someone tell me how to do water or direct towards a tutorial?

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That depends a lot on what you mean by “water”? Water in a glass, calm lake, foamy river, ocean with big waves, waterfall? Do you want only the material and shape for a still image or realistic motion for an animation? Please give some details about the water you want to create.

Both still water for pics, and animated water. Ocean or lake water is what I’d be going for. Doesn’t have to be moving a whole lot. Just little waves. I’ve been wondering about the wave effect, but toying around with it, I don’t really get anything useful out of it.

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One thing i would suggest would be to add a medium sized cloud texture, scale down the Y Size (by increasing SizeY in the mat. buttuons) and animating the OfsZ value with keyframes and set for a Extended extrapolation in the IPO window. This will create nicely animated small waves (such as a lake, etc). Map the tex to Nor and/or Disp depending on how pronounced you want the effect. Also, you can animate the OfsX or Ofs Y values to give the water flow a direction.

This is just one method for animating the water; the materials are a whole different story :slight_smile:

If you need only little waves you could use a material with a bump map (e.g. stucci texture) to create the look of waves. The bump map can easily be animated by changing the offset values.

Play around with alpha, specular reflection and a reflection map (or raytraced reflections) to get the look of water right. I adds to the real look of waves if you turn up the fresnel slider a bit. This makes the reflectivity/transparency of the surface angle-dependent like it is on real water. And don’t overdo reflections, since you don’t want quicksilver, do you? :wink:

There might be some useful stuff in here too:


The wave effect is nearly useless for kind of realistic water.

Best results I got with animated textures.
With the new displacement option this could give quite good results (didn’t try to simulate water for a while).

For still ocean scenes the BWF script by S68 is a good choise to create the watersurface. This, I would combine with an image texture and some overlaying procedurals.

BTW, it could be very usefull for simulation ocean water if the BWF output would be animatable with vertex keys. (I know it is in principle, but who wants to move every single vertex by hand.)

You may have already produced what you want but take a look at my current post at


I am working on the tutorial should be ready in a week or so.