does anyone know how to make a realistic water affect like an ocean?:no:

Depends on what you want the shot for, as to how you’d go about it. If it’s for a still, then you could just use a cloud texture on the displacement channel of the texture you apply to the ocean, or if the angle was suitable, you could just apply a cloud texture to the bump (NOR) channel of the texture.

If it was to be animated, you may well want to go with a fluid sim, having something under the surface moving so as to create the rolling waves. (or you could use an animated texture applied to one of the texture input channels I mentioned already)

There’s a walk-through of a still-frame scene of a craft in the ocean in BlenderArt magazine, issue #8 - pg 25 “Cutting Through the Waves” (It’s the Car Modeling issue)

As I say, it kinda depends on what the shot will be used for and the camera angle & how close you are to the water. Anyway check out issue 8, he possesses far greater skills than I in both articulating and creating the idea.


You’re up against a programmer’s worst nightmare. If you’re looking for fluid-sim effects, I don’t think you could create an ocean. It’s just too big.

In terms of a water texture/material, here’s a short tutorial I found online:

It only covers a small part of what water can be, but it still might prove useful.

In the future, please state your questions clearly. We get a lot of stupid, vague questions here, and this means that people are much less likely to help you.

thanks for the URL and i don’t realy need to make a whole ocean, lol, just a part, im making a movie with my friend and it has water, lol.

See this page:
Plenty of great resources but pay a special attention to Cog’s tutorials.



im sure you’ll find something there that would be usefull

i know i sound a little picky but does anyone know of any video tutorials on water?

Nah, no problems here mate.

Here’s a thread with a good tute in it: http://blenderartists.org/forum/showthread.php?t=103303
But if you’d prefer to skip the chit-chat, here’s a direct link to the video itself, it’s 40MB in Xvid. http://www.3dtutorials.sk/index.php?tutorials=0&software=11&id=269&page=

It goes over the fluid sim options and what they mean and how to use them. You’ll have some water with rolling waves in no time…