Watercolor look illustration project

Hey paulhart2! Thank you very much for the clarification! It was indeed useful and I’ve fully understood now :slight_smile: I’ll follow you to keep updated.

As part of my ‘commitment’ to keep posting as I go along, here is a ‘test’ sheet of four(4) flying insects. They are all rigged and ‘fly’ but for now they are just more ‘window dressing’ for various scenes. I still need to get my dragonfly done, yet to come. A ‘Firefly,’ a Blue Fabric butterfly, my ‘Orig’ butterfly and a Gold variation which looks a little dull next to the others.

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Today was the day, I got the DragonFly completed. All of these have a simple flight animation, which currently only shows up in these renders, as the illustrations are not animated, currently.
All of these little creatures will be part of larger scenes, and are not likely to be seen in this detail . . oh well.


Another day, another render… I composited the various flying insects into the cover, and it feels more ‘animated’ now. Getting the FireFlys to glow in the comp, took some extra steps, but so much the better.

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Getting closer to ‘good enough’ is a slow process, and includes adjustments after feedback and my own reflections. I scaled the “Boy” down a bit and ‘softened’ his posture. The rocks are now darker and moved around a bit for composition. Scaled the various flying insects, and introduced a ‘staff’ for the Boy’s other arm for a more graceful pose. I figured out a way to get more of a line drawing effect to go with the watercolor look, without using Freestyle (crashes on this big file) and LANPR (same problem). Let me know if this works any better for those who are watching.

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Working on a new scene, which is featured on one of the pages, but includes the house and the yard where most of the story takes place. This is a first draft, and does not include the characters which are the point of the story, so… more to come, hopefully.

Another day, another render of the ‘homestead.’ Still no characters, but trees, shrubs and fine tuning of the elements, sidewalk. Still needs a lot of work, but it’s late so I’ll see it tomorrow. Hopefully the characters will make the scene?? I got more of the ‘line quality’ look also.

The project continues. I had hoped to get the characters into the scene, so it would make more ‘sense’ but tweaking and adjusting took precedence. In keeping with the cover, I was inspired to add a ‘night’ side to this page, as it is a dream sequence image. The boy, will be flying in from the left side, so, the change seems appropo. I enjoy the creative process, and allowing changes to push forward, despite previous intent, but it is usually for the best and I like this direction, for today.

Tought it maybe would help someone to post this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x12zdAv8RV0

Thank you for the thoughtful link. Yes, it is a bit ‘node spaghetti’ and prone to tweaking, but well organized and comprehensive. I will have to study it more thoroughly. Thank you again.

Still ‘wrestling’ with the elements of this figure, but here is a post before I get him into the ‘Farmhouse’ scene. Yes, he is not ‘posed’ in this image, just ‘T-pose’ for rigging purposes. Some times "almost done’ is the enemy of good enough, and I tend to rework my pieces, forever…
Currently Crypto lines and Freestyle pass are being used, as this file crashes LANPR, boo??!!


Continued ‘slow’ progress on book project, due to some complexities along the way, but this Render suggests that I may have gotten the “boy” ready to share?? We’ll see?? He is now in “A-Pose,” after hepfiul feedback on another forum. Pending rigging and actual scenery of the book, but this is just a stand-in for my benefit, thought to share. Blender renders, comp’d in Photo program. Still needs work.
I have tried three(3) rigging solutions, without being thrilled? Keep trying, but his hairf is now more ‘fluffy’ and he is smiling, so some progress.

I also have a comparison of LANPR and Freestyle render for line work, which was comp’d into the color version. LANPR has a way to go, and crashes, but it’s faster, yet Freestyle now seems to render quicker?? but certainly has more control. The LANPR Blender build is on GraphicAll.org if curious.

I think he is ready for placing in the ‘scenes’ now, and ‘rigged’ and gently smiling. We’ll see on the 'morrow, but this is it for the night. I was able to get Auto Rig Pro to work on a second try, after some careful ‘Weight Painting’ corrections. The test will be the actual scene placement.

I was already to put ‘the boy’ into the ‘dream scene’ but he needed a long night-shirt, so… First effort. It is knee length, as he flies thru the sky of a dream night in the book. I am sure that changes will come, but for now…

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Here is the scene in which “the boy” flies thru a dream sky. This is low res., first pass to check composition, before other elements will be added, but at least he is in the scene!!!

Todays contribution, most of the elements are in place, some tweaks still needed, but I got the Cat riding along and the Crow looking aghast. Learning everyday, which is good, but challenging. It is a creative process, so I evaluate again in the morning.

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Been absent for a few days, computer woes, then a few days detour into another program to clean up the geometry of the house, simplify polygons and excess vertices. Now I moved back into removing the repeating patterns in the driveway and roof, clean up the UV’s. so… here is the latest version for discussion.

So, the process continues. Subject to feedback, thank you, I have lightened up the scene a bit, while correcting odd bits of geometry that I find along the way. Still half res. but for show and tell it hardly matters. Learning a lot along the way, but then again, that’s part of the point, at least for me.

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