Watercolor rabbit

First attempt at a watercolor-like look render of a rabbit. First time trying to sculpt a rabbit. So both the sculpt and shaders will need to be redone, but it’s a start :slight_smile:

Paper texture from https://www.wildtextures.com/free-textures/seamless-paper-texture/
Shader was based on https://sinestesia.co/blog/tutorials/watercolor-eevee/

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Did some work on the sculpt and started work on a completely new shader.

Still haven’t achieved the look I’m hoping for, but I think I’m on the right track to finding it.

Made some progress on the shader.

Then tried to incorporate lighting information into the shader:

And made some tweaks:

I’m not sure which I like most, nor where to take it in the future. I think I’ll make a new sculpt before adjusting it any more.

P.S. Here’s the rabbit with a rough bsdf material: