Waterfall help request

Hello. I’m fairly new to blender and decided to take up modeling for fun. However, I’ve recently found myself stuck on this current project. I’m currently modeling the Staubbach Falls in Lauterbrunnen, Switzerland.


I already have the cliff-side modeled, however I’m curious how to get the same look as these falls, as well as the cascading water at the bottom, if possible. I tried experimenting with the fluid physics system, but the only result I managed to achieve was a very bulky, drippy look that looks unrealistic for a waterfall. Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

Is this for a still or an animation? For a still I would use a combination of the fluid sim, applied at the best frame then into the sculpt mode for final touch up. Then mix this with the smoke sim for the mist, combined with the “mist” feature.

Also, did you change the scale of the fluid sim to reflect 300 meters (the height of the falls)

It is a still. I am currently using cycles render for a photo-realistic effect. I can’t seem to get the smoke sim working. Also, I tried changing the scale of the fluid sim to a high value, but it only seems to cap out at 10 meters. Is there a way to make it larger than this? If all else fails I’ll just take it into Gimp and try my hand at adding in the falls.