Waterfall house-minimalist interior

The project that I made is called the Waterfall House. This is a competition entry, the assembly of modern buildings which are architectural studios.
Buildings have to type in the raw nature of the rock Cliff.
All in blender cycles. You can see better size and plan of house on my page www.matelek.pl
I Hope you like it.

I am not a big fan of this interiorstyle but you have done af great job. :slight_smile:
The water on the 1. render could do som improvement. But the rest looks great.

There is something intriguing in this visualizations… Good lightning, and great marble material! Maybe too big concrete texture… But great camera views. Would You mind to share Your light settings and marble material info?
Congrats, paulina.

Amazing work man! D: jaw dropped china is sending it back up.

Paula you a right, concrete tex or bump is too big.
Ill show you light and marble material setting after work :slight_smile:

and wireframe

Great work! Really like it. Not sure why there are not more comments here :smiley:

For real!! I’m with SirNik lol Thats surprising! Absolutely fantastic work! Im not familiar with architectural modeling but I’m always inspired to do it when i see artwork like this keep it up :slight_smile:

my mind is blown, don’t really know what else to say, congrats! I really love the composition of the 3d render, with the painting.

Thank you very much! I’m making my next proj, not so minimalist and modern, but something for real. Ill show you soon :wink:

my light setting
sun light:

hemi light in front of the window:

and enviroment texture:

Very nice !

Kind regards

thank you Alain :wink:

and the last screen :wink:

So much want, you really made it beautiful and realistic. I specially love the render of the big window from the inside. I’d rate 5 stars, but I’m on my phone and I can’t really judge details and stuff… Wth, i love your renders and they really are beautiful… So… *****

*matelek- thank you for sharing your settings for the scene :wink:
I’m surprised that this post does not have 5 stars yet. Much worse work (less advanced) on the forum received 5 stars. Not everyone must like interior design, but I think we should appreciate the amount of work involved here.5 from me. :wink:


thank you, i hope they will get me 5 stars next time : )

really outstanding work sir, the first image is very, very nice for me, the unique strange for me is the reflections chairs on the four image, but is incredible the tons of objects you made for this, congrats and five starts!


thanks joseperez. I know what you mean, i think i forgot push smooth button heh.

Awesome render!

the only things I don’t like about it are the material on the car (I also can’t figure out how the car drives out of there - unless that’s the top storey?) and more importantly the material on the stools in the 4th image. (mix in a rougher glossy shader or something to the material - a plain 0 roughness gloss almost never looks good in my opinion)

Aside from that, you’ve done a great job with the whole scene!