waterfall is coming down!!!

(bverlaan) #1

hello here’s my waterfall I made.

every command is welkom.

see you!


(pannomatte) #2

Looks good. If you Subdivide Fractal on your water I think it wold give it sme more depth.
Blender On

(bverlaan) #3


here’s my newer version. I added steam and I rippled the water

thanks for the tip.


(S68) #4

Second is far better!

Still can be inproved.

Try to use more than one bumpmap.

The first large scale one you used is nice,

now you must add one or two smaller ones for small ripples.

Then you must tweak the Z scale of the texture so that it gets more a mooving feeling.

Good luck


(Stungun) #5

Nice water yeah, i like the steam

Maybe you should make the water a little darker?

  • Stungun