If anyone just has happened to make a waterfall, or if there any tutorials on making one, please post it all here:D

Im trying to make a river thats running through mountains and there is going to be a waterfall, so the flowing water would help too

Unless you have need of a super close up I would suggest using an animated texture. If you need a close up I would suggest either using particles or the fluid simulator. However, if you use the fluid simulator your rendertimes will increase exponentually.

Particles for spray are a must. For the falling water and still water animated textures. Which leaves the splash - foam. I’ve not looked at water simulation so I can’t coment on how well it works.

Yea I would model all the water as a mesh. then would add some hook with cyclic animation so you can model the water going down the slope. For the shading just shade it with a good water shader and animate it moving toward the waterfall. On top of it add a particle system producing mist, you could also try to add blender mist. This mist will be helpfull in hiding where the water splash :slight_smile: