Ok, so this is my first real try at rendering something in blender. I did it in about two days (8 hours total) and I am quite happy with it. I know it may not be good in your eyes, but please, this is my first shot at a render. I would love any criticism as long as it is constructive.

The picture is of a waterfall flowing over the cliff into a crystal clear river. I used the particle system for grass. Please tell me what you think.

My old version of the waterfall is the one with the little spheres at the bottom. I would like all comments to relate to the new and improved version.



That looks very good for a first try! You textured the rocks very well. The only thing I don’t get is the little white spheres at the bottom of the fall. If you are trying to get a steam effect I would suggest layers of planes with fog textures… or something to that effect. Good job!

I agree, this is good for a first real try :slight_smile:

I don’t like those white balls but I do like the waterfall texture. It’s better than my version of waterfall for sure. Have you tried animating this scene? =)

Thanks for the feedback! I am still very much a beginner when it comes to blender, so I have no idea how to do layers of planes with fog textures. Any help would be very nice. Also I have not tried animating the waterfall, I don’t know how much of that would be way over my head. I’m glad you like the waterfall texture, spent a long time just trying to get that right. Anyways, thanks for the advice!

It’s an okay start, but try to use things like billboard particles for stuff like waterfall spray as well as you to cover the waterfall with white water like you at at most other waterfalls.

In 2.5 you’ll be able to create the spray using a point density volumetric texture that has come with volume rendering.

ok, I’m currently working on something to get rid of those balls, but I just can’t seem to get the particles working…

Ok, I got particles working and I am quite happy with the result. This is the first big scene I’ve made with particles so any advice on how to use them would be very nice. Thanks in advance.


I enjoy the newer version with the particles a lot! My only suggestion would be to maybe make them a little bit opaque(alpha) or just tone down the amount… Also make them a little bit whiter. Another thing that would be cool is to try adding a procedural cloud texture and see what that does. I have never tried textures and halo at the same time though so I don’t know how it will work…

the rocks are vary shiny

but the rest looks good for a first render :slight_smile: