How would you go about making a waterfall?

I have tested two meathods.

(1) With the water physics, and it looked pretty bad and drippy.
(2) With smoke physics, the smoke being dense and flowing down.

I personally like the smoke physics to mimic waterfalls, and this is what I have so far (smoke test0010.blend (528 KB)) [note: you’ll have to re-bake it]

If any, what would you change about the smoke physics settings I have, AND what would you do about the materials to mimic water?

And if you can think of something else (that isn’t smoke) how would you go about doing it?

I should add that the scene this is intended for MUST be done in cycles.
I’m pretty sure I can just render out cycles, render out in blender render, and combine in compositing.
But I’m just throwing that out there.

i’m not sure if it will help but there’s a tutorial for making waterfalls, even though it’s a 3ds max tutorial i think you might be able to utilize the information there http://www.cgarena.com/freestuff/tutorials/max/waterfall/index.html and i looked at the .blend i see what mean about the smoke and it does look pretty nice in terms of movement but i don’t know what to tell you about the thickness you’ll probably have to keep fiddling with it until you find something that works. :slight_smile: