Waterfalls. (Updated)

Hey Guys,

Here’s a scene that I put together in a few days, planning on rendering out an animation when I get the time.

Update: Added some particals, Re-did the Smoke simulation to look more like water, added some more greenery, and rendered another angle.


Nice smoke sim!
I think the leaves need a bit more variation in color.
Is this cycles or internal?

The smoke doesn’t seem to fit in the scene, looks more like a liquid-nitrogen-fall to me…

Artistically tough, the entire scene is beautiful, particularly the sun glare. Great job!

Agreed. I think you might want to rethink the water in the falls portion. The scene is beautiful. Falling water is very hard though.

Yea, I knew I was up for a challenge attempting large scale falling water, but the results I’ve been getting from the smoke sim seem pretty positive, I’ve updated my image with some Motion Blur, let me know what you think now.

Wowee…you made that whole thing in a few days?? It’s awesome! I love the trees, the leaves have a nice material. The waterfall seems too smoke-heavy, and there should be more actual fluid/spray/particles, but still, you did a great job.

I think the smoke is pretty accurate, because a forest like that will have a lot of moisture near the water. I love the whole scene, but I agree with Norrilith about the leaves’ colour variation.

WOW!!! and you did this only a few days? Awesome.

This is amazing.

Nice. Interesting rainbowish atmosphere.

This is pretty cool, there are some things to be improved though.

Biggest of them is that its really hard to get dimensions of the scene, I get all the time the feeling that this waterfall is extremely small. Mostly because vegetation in the foreground isnt that much bigger though it should be, if the dimensions are right. Same goes for mid-ground vegetation. Those ferns look huge making distance again look really small. Other things that are disturbing to me include burnout sky, twisted horizon-line and vignette that isnt really needed and makes image just look bland.

Long distance image is clean but closeup shot, gotta focus on textures!!!

I think that you are MUCH closer…as in…you took a huge step in the right direction. it still seems a bit too much steam like to me. But, I think that you are very close though. So…don’t overdo it now. :wink:

I like the idea of leaf color variation. But, it is still a very good scene. Well Done.

Look from far is better than close, I think. The texture and leaves not so much detail :-?
All things remain is amazing :smiley:

I’m amazed! Beatiful render. I wish I am the guy who is holding the camer to be in that place.

Ok, I’ve done some more work, fixed some of the issues with the scale, and fixed the noise issue, currently rendering out an animation, will then do some more work on the closeups.