I thought I might post something finished for your thoughts of it.



Can’t help but think of Monet with this subject matter.

A matter of taste, you could really crank the depth of field blur for a more “macro” style look… definitely the way I’d go for an animation, but perhaps for a still you have it just right.

you know that this is a website for 3d art right? not for photographies…:smiley:
i keed i keed, this looks very impressive! if it would just be the small image i would definitely belive its a real scene!
i like how some of the leefes look like theyre a bit under the water surface, even though you maybe overdid that a little so maybe try to put some of them a litte bit up^^ especially the big on in the middle looks a little bit unrealistic because in my opinion it reflects too much of the flower.
but i dont know, maybe if there is just a little bit water on a leef it reflects like that :smiley: that was just what i thought first when i looked at this very very impressive piece!

Michael - Thx for animation idea. I hadn’t, actually, given any thought to animating this one. Now I can see a slight ripple with focus on the pink lily and various pond creature sounds.

Dude - Photo?..I blush.

Great render! couple things, firstly I think its a little too perfect, try adding some variation to the shape of pedals/leaves and adding some dirt and grunge both to the waters surface and the leaves/flower.

Secondly as Michael pointed out a little (and I mean a small amount) of DOF could really add more interest to this piece.

The only other thing I noticed was that the stems on the little flowers are perfectly strait, remember realism is achieved through imperfection. Besides those things its a great piece.

Cole - You’re right about the imperfections needed. I will work on it

Thx for the good suggestions.

Hey Maria, lovely render.
There’s no need for putting more of the leaves on the surface. Have you ever seen water lilies live? :slight_smile: They sink with every little wave. I’d say this part is OK, but I have one suggestion… Those petals under the water are withered, brownish and they’re not so stiff, so make use of the sculpt tool and imperfect them a little bit. But just those under the water.
Nothing left to say but I LIKE IT!

ICA - I have only seen the white ones, irl. I know the pads are usually carpeting the pond they are in, and they are wilty as the petals touch the water. I saw pics of the pretty pink ones (I admit, I am a little girlie at times), and they seem to be less wilted. I will do some more research, or bugger it and say this is my perfect world…lol.

I love the support and suggestions!

very well done!

Wow, that is incredible. You have a great talent with nature in blender. May I ask if this was the blender internal rendering engine. If so that is even more amazing.

xj11 - thx

gat19g - yes, I used the Blender internal render engine. thx