Waterman Pen

This is my latest project. I am recreating my waterman pen and hope to achieve near photorealistic results so I will need to focus on the materials and the bump maps. Right now, most of the modeling is done and I will start workign on the bump maps for scratches and the tip’s lines and logo’s.


this could be pretty nice if you put a bit more work into it. My main crits at the moment is the obvious one that you need to turn OSA on/up. Next is the wood floor texture, really easy to see the repartition in it.

Blend on!

-maniac 4 hire

I usually turn on AA until I am ready for my final Render

I will change the wood texture since its way to repetitive and I will model another pen or 2 and change some other things in addition to adding detail to the pen itself

please turn on osa, my eyes are old :wink: with osa on, its easier to see the texture work. i like where this is headed, but be warned, photorealism is incredibly difficult.