Waterman Perspective Fountain Pen

A small model of a Waterman Perspective fountain pen , amazing writing instrument. Everything done in blender and rendered in cycles. Texturing in inkscape. Wanted to create sort of classic pen advertisement mood.

Detailed pics at

wow, brilliant.

nice,good materials.

This is awesome!!! Did you model that from a real pen?

good geometry, but i guess its better materials (especially the env map) and lighting that does the job…nice !!!

If you ask me, my one crit is that the envelope is so perfectly flat. Normally it will have small bumps and ripples in it.

But the modelling and texturing of the pen is amazing

I like the attention to the overhead/world reflections.

@lejo1989,@rusted thanks for the compliment.
@tc2466, I looked at the real pen for some fine details which you normally don’t see in commercial pictures/advertisements. But for modelling I used a reference images from one of the seller sites to ensure I don’t deviate from the pen’s ratio.
@jivr , I agree buddy its a simple model, apart from nib which was a pain just cuz I didn’t knew how to tackle it, first I modeled it from a simple plane and then tried to curve it using modifier, but results weren’t impressive, remodeled it using plane extrude technique to bring out the shape. Coming back to the point yeah Cycles is great and I believe in any still images texture plays an important role.

Thanks for viewing and adding your feedback.