(Phrangkk) #1

Is there a way to publish for web/powerpoint without the blender3d logo being displayed in the plugin window?

I searched but couldn’t find any info.

(wiensta) #2

you need publisher…

too late to get it now…

(Peter) #3

It’s not to late. It’s free to download att Blender.org.

(Phrangkk) #4

I’ve downloaded publisher and installed the key file
but it still shows the watermark.
do I need to edit the web plugin somehow?

(gorgan_almi) #5

Once you’ve installed the key goto the File menu and look under File Options. There will be 3 options, lock file, compress file, and sign file. If you turn on any 1 of these (compress file is proberbly the most useful) and resave the blend file, then the blender3d logo won’t be displayed in the plugin.

Keith. 8)

(Phrangkk) #6

Thanks Keith!
That was exactly what I was looking for!