I haven’t blended in a while and I wanted to do something relatively simple in terms of modelling. The trees look bad because I took the sample from the 3dtotal page and “magic wanded” the whole thing in photoshop to make an alpha map 8) . But anyway, critiques are welcome.



Nice textures and composition.

One thing that could make it look better is to make a shadow under the chair. It looks like it is floating rather than resting.

Nice picture! Here’s a few minor things.

: I think you need to add better textures to the roofs so they matches the good textures on the walls.
: The texture under the chair looks streched and unnatural, maybe let the grass grow all the way out to the stone edge?!
: The water “pipe” above the wheel needs some better texturing to match the good walls.

The bad thing about having good textures at some objects is that other ones with not so good textures seems to stand out as “bad textures” (obviously %| )

Otherwise I really like this one


I like it a lot. It has this very nice, tranquil mood.

My only real crit is the tree on the front right, it looks like it doesn’t fit in the scene. Maybe you could just try to model whole tree from scratch? Now the root part of tree just looks like it’s floating in air.
Maybe you could try and place some long grass in front of the root part?