i don’t know how to say it in english :stuck_out_tongue: but it’s the bigger and original form of a bong ( used for drugs ) exept the normal one was not originally made for drugs , atleast i don’t htink so :stuck_out_tongue: they use drugs in it but i don’t like that
it also is my first project so tell me what u guys think

thx to all guides and tuts here

They call it a waterpipe. Or a bong. Those uncultured brutes lol :stuck_out_tongue:

I think you should have this moved to the Work in Progress section, you could get lots of tips on improving it there. For example, adding some shadows and an actual scene (table in a coffee-shop with some loose weed lying next to it

ok thx :stuck_out_tongue: i was just happy to have something done xD

haha, nice hones title, i like that :slight_smile:

first of all, welcome of course! glad to see blender saved another soul

that’s a pretty nice model and the coloring is okay too, indeed a nice first step and worthy of your happiness :slight_smile:

the setting is bloody awful though :stuck_out_tongue: as said by our pal Sandrew, make a nice little scene, or none at all, but not such an awful box of horror

so welcome :slight_smile: and have fun


aahh… vesi piip(nvm)… hmm… you know, tobacco is a drug too… :wink: a weak drug, though…

my sexiness is a drug, and not a weak one either!:cool:

this peice is

Tobacco is a fairly strong drug IMO. Especially in terms of addiction.
Also, that aint a bong, it’s a hookah.
But from a graphics point of view, your modelling is good, but lighting and textures need work. Try adding reflection (to the glass and metal especially). Try playing with shadows and AO, as stated above. Also, the freaky background is distracting and strongly suggests a drug connection. So if you don’t want it to be about weed, you should maybe look at changing the setting.

You know, I’ve heard that using a bong with tobacco could actually be the least harmful way to inhale the stuff. I also seem to remember hearing that it’s illegal to use one with any input substance in some places. In any case, the one there is pretty nice, though the background is kinda weak. It does suggest marble, though, so maybe you could make some stonework or pillars or something to go with it.

Heroine, cocaine, opium, all are by far more addictive (physically) then tobacco, thus making tobaco a weak(er) drug. Seriously, I’ve spent a year of my life smoking and managed to quit without any physical problems (<-- dunno why I was smoking either lol. Was 14 back then). I’d love to see somebody try to get rid of a real addiction to drugs without physical problems.

You know, I was curious about this and so was asking my mate, who has known far more, more interesting people than I have, and it turns out we know of at least two or three people who quit heroin or similar and in their personal experience quitting smoking is harder, to the point where one has not been able to after ten or twenty years and numerous attempts.

Also, for some people, any addictiveness is too much.

That said, how about if anyone wants to further debate the relative addictiveness of substances, morality, legality, or whatever else comes up, go start a thread in off-top and leave this one to the art, eh?