Hey everybody, I came up with this idea and did a quick sketch (I suck at drawing) and I just want to make sure that this wasn’t already done before - if you’ve seen a similar pic somewhere, than referring me to the pic would be great.
If however this is actually my own idea (I hope), than here’s the first problem (that happened to me before, but I solved that by recalculating normals - doesnt seem to work on this one): http://img186.imageshack.us/img186/8262/combinedproblem4nx1.jpg

The reason recalculating normals won’t work there is because at the very top of your arches you have a bunch of edges with more than two faces coming off them. When the computer tries to draw a smooth-shaded block, it can’t figure out which faces it’s supposed to draw the smooth shading across. So you need to add some thickness to the top of your arches, or (if the top faces are going to be hidden by other geometry) you could just delete them and eliminate the problem entirely.

Sorry, but I don’t get it - how can an edge have more that 2 faces coming off it? My English isn’t too good, but what do you mean by saying that I should add thickness - can you please give an example or a link to a tutorial?
here’s the top of the arch if that helps:

What he is trying to say is put some stone above the arch. At the highest point the arch is paper thin.
Oh and have you tried remove doubles yet? Might be that you have duplicate faces as well.
In case none of this helps you can always select each face and flip its normal manually. I think it is in the W submenu.

I still don’t get why that happens - I dint have any vertex doubles, recalculating normals didn’t hep and making the top few faces thicker (much thicker even) didn’t help. I hope that somebody could refer me to a tutorial or maybe send me a blend file, of what they think could be an arc, which would later properly extrude.

Anyway I didn’t wait for that and set up my basic scene, any comments and crits are welcome:

Looks nice man!

I’d turn up the specularity (blinn) on that lake-water though, make it look a bit more water-like.

I have experimented with brick textures and I cant get the bump map to work + the displacement map acts Really weird and stuffs up the aqueduct completely. Still haven’t solved the arches problem… (Any useful advice greatly appreciated ;)) Some progress with water:

the pillars are paper thin =]

The edge at the top of your arch has 4 faces coming off of it, as shown in the attached pic.

To fix it, just select all the faces on the top and extrude them up a small amount so that you have some thickness above the arch.

[Edit] Looks like you also need to add an edge split modifier so that Blender doesn’t try to smooth over your 90 degree edges.


Thank you Lord of the Rings Junkie!!! Edge split modifier did the job perfectly - nothing else seemed to work, I can finally go on with the progress of the aqeduct (I still however dont understand why such a thing happens… :S). But thanks to you the problem is solved, for now.

Cheers! :slight_smile:

Some progress on bridge and also a trial waterfall - does anyone have any ideas of a good way to make a waterfall - I used fluid sim, and some paticles effects:

The waterfall looks fine to my eyes. Perhaps rough-up the cliff it comes down over though? So it’s bouncing off rocks or extrusions of the cliff on the way down?

The water downstream of the waterfall doesnt look like it’s racing… perhaps threads of foam on it’s surface? No idea how that would be done.

And… Vines growing on the rockface, to make it more real?

Very good WIP so far though… It brings to mind the Prince of Persia games.

Prince of Persia is exactly what I had in mind, even before I started modeling this scene. I will work on the water and add some vines later, but its the bridge that worries me - it looks cheap: it doesnt have a good brick texture and I dont know how to make bricks stand out, except model it brick by brick? Thanks for the tips.

Also the progress will be quite slow on this one, as I dont have too much time nowadays - exams are coming up:(

You can always model single bricks and make them stick out of your bridge. In the texture bake an AO map and you will see where the bricks are sticking out as they will darken the texture.