(Lucas Falcao) #1

Hi everyone! A long time without post personal stuff here…

So, I want to share my last work, It’s the first one that I did everything, from the concept until production. I really enjoyed the process and I will do more of this from now on.

The name of this dude is Watson, he lives in a planet very similar to Earth, it’s basically the same environment, same animals and almost the same plants. As you can see his favorite animal are the cats, the name of his friends are Agatha, she is the little one sitting on the rock and Vava he is the bigger one, on the legs of Watson. And of course you can presume by his t-shirt that Watson really like broccoli. :slight_smile:

This work It’s was also the first time I create something using only free and open softwares. For this one I used Ubuntu, Blender and Krita. Blender was used for almost everything and Krita I used for texturing. The image was rendered inside Blender in Cycles.

Credits for the background image Stuart Rankin, image used under the Creative Commons 2.0.



(smili) #2

wow! amazing, loving it a lot! superb lighting and that cats are so cute! Congrats!

(Nita) #3

wow cool render… love the lighting and the sharers… cat’s fur is so soft and beautiful…


(SKworld) #4

Nice…love the fur of that cat!!! nice…

(yii7) #5

cool work; congratulations.

(Rachel) #6

Wonderful image!

(Erik.3D) #7

Nice work! Lighting and colors are fantastic.

(animator_mojtab) #8

good work Nice

(julperado) #9

This is very good!! Awesome work as always :slight_smile:

(Ivaylo Gogov [ivaydesign]) #10

Really Really cool Luca! :slight_smile:
You know I used to have the same shoes :D, actually this guy looks similar somehow :slight_smile:

Ok, I think you’ve done really great job, and I’ve vote 5 star already. What can I suggest for improving the image is, a bit more attention on small cat :slight_smile: It’s cute but it’s kind of weird, and a bit more contrast and light on a background. And something for the end I would suggest the green on t-shirt to be more vibrant then the skin one… :slight_smile: freesh
Really cool!

(polterbyte) #11

Foda de bom, bróder!

Excelente a vibe da cena.

(ShadowCamero) #12

Very nice! The only thing I feel is that the background is too blue for the scene. Otherwise I love it!

(Madrid82) #13

Very good, I love the composition.

(Ricardo 3D) #14

Beautiful work bro! Great color rendering, the poses of the characters, especially the cat is in his leg was pretty cool too, congrats! :slight_smile:

(TheGreens) #15

Nice Fur :smiley:

(3DNeksus) #16

Great work!love the colors and all the details the only thing kind of strange is the main character looking on the floor and also pointing a finger at the cat )) he should be really in deep thinking process or i don’t know, maybe it is intentional --but we can’t see what he looks at --this is kind of not good I think ))
it would be much better if he looked at the cat or at the finger he is pointing. ( it would make some sort of play between this two characters-now they are disconnected )
Also the the other cat looks like a toy or statue )))
back-light on the nearest to camera leg looks too sharp and strangely white ( if you have such blue background----- back-light should be more bluish color)
other than that great work!

(Lucas Falcao) #17

Thank you so much for all the comments and feedback guys and girls, really appreciate! :yes:

@3DNeksus, I totally agree with you, the intention was to make that he looks a little bit thoughtful, but looking at the cat too. I’m fixing that I will update the image here.

(MmAaXx) #18

I following this wip from the day one :slight_smile:

(IconW) #19

Excellent work! Loving it.
Cat looks soft and nice indeed!

(prabha) #20

can you help me how to do soft lights in corners