(WeirdHat) #1

Well, I have more important things to do, so I made this instead. I took my Watto model that I made a while ago, improved it slightly, and made an animation with it.


What do you think?

(DreamMaster) #2

A cutie! He should have some evil personality add on his facial expression. It will spicy the animation… I’m sure of that!

Great animation, but I can’t hold myself back… the shadow is too light… you need to play around with lights. Enough of complains, great job and keep up your work!

(BgDM) #3

hey Weirdhat, (notice e before i), nice work.

Ditto to what DM7 said, and also, make the legs move as well. They are too static right now.


(dickie) #4

great work!

he has a lot of potential!
i love the grass and the ambient quality of the animation.

good job!

(WeirdHat) #5

Um… grass? Do you mean the ground? It’s supposed to be sand.

Oh well… as long as you liked it, it doesn’t matter what you thought it was. :slight_smile:

(deks) #6

great animation! How long time took it for you to atach all of the Bones? It’s a pain!! Isn’t it?

(blengine) #7

eeep, dling at 400bytes/second! what in the world! oh wait, there it goes…4kb/sec…thats dealable…la la la…

very cool! what a great model…yeah the anim is a bit static, could u try to give him a drunk kind of feel like in the movie…drunk slob type flying?
your anims very nice, i love the blinking =D

(Krabat) #8

very impressive indeed…


(Pooba) #9

Cool animation! i like your character, but man he has some stuff legs! I also thought the pauses between what he does are a bit too long, i may be impatient, but i don’t like to watch him just hover there for 5 seconds.


(Atariman) #10

Real good work! :wink: