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Just thought I would share with you guys my current project: Watto, from StarWars. :slight_smile:
Although he apears to be finished, I have lots to do. Tools and accessories for his utility belt, wrinkle work on his head and areas of body, and some touch up modeling for the clothes.
Comments and suggestions are welcome.



(Ecks) #2

Nice work man! I like very much but the wings…dont know…I dont remember exactly how they were in star wars but try to make them more thin…ecept that it is reaaaally good!

(BgDM) #3

WOW! :o :o :o

That is a great texturing job! Unbeleivable work. Can’t wait to see this with the wrinkles/bump map applied. Was this UV mapped? If so, how the hell?


(schock) #4

Excellent work. Give him an enviroment. Tell us about your methods.

(Natron) #5

Thanks guys! :smiley:
The wings I’m still tweaking on. I made them in about five minutes or less…
Basically Is all I had was just a front view and used that as an outline and made some rough sketches. Then just added a vertex and modeled like crazy, using various perspective views for other reference. The textures were quite easy, actually. I used TONS of grunge maps I had on my hard drive along with various bump maps. The color was accomplished with vertex face painting. :slight_smile:


(harkyman) #6

Wow. The quality just keeps getting better and better around here. This is an excellently realized character. I used to see stuff like this on galleries for other 3D packages and be envious. We don’t have to anymore.

Awesome work.

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(SeaCigar) #8

:-? em… yeah.
WeirdHat is making the exact same thing…
Who’s copying who?
It’s also possible that these two are one and the same person, or that, by some freak accident, they are doing the same project, with the same models; although Weirdhat was focusing on animation, while you seem to be putting your time into texturing…
Well, it’s a weird coincidence… there has to be a logical explanation, right?
maybe I’ll find out later…

(Natron) #9

Nobody is copying anyone. I wouldn’t call it a “freak accident” either.
I thought it would be cool to model Watto, specificaly upon request from a friend. I’ve actually modeled Watto with animation in mind, texturing was not the main focus. I like to focus on all aspects of a model rather than one primary goal. I’m just trying to create an accurate model.


(S68) #10

Excellent :slight_smile:


(LohnS) #11

stads up on table in fornt of every1

I taught that guy some stuff!! That, guy! the one making really really amazing models!

very cool stuff man, but we all know i’m gonna win our dual :wink:

(Natron) #12

Great, don’t get cocky kid! :smiley: Of course I’ll win our duel, I’ll have the powers of a Jedi.


(LohnS) #13

Yes but since we are in the matrix i ofcourse can do anything i like, you know, i am the one 8)